Multiplex Assay Technology

Multiple Biomarkers in One Test


Process samples using PictArray

PictArrays provide a complete immunodiagnostic solution to test for either a chosen panel of diseases or for multiple markers of a single disease, while enabling easy customization of the panel depending on the specific needs of the user.

Understanding PictArrayTM

PictArraysTM consist of a panel of tiny dots, each comprising reagents required for an individual test printed in the sixteen wells of a specially designed slide with eight detachable 2-well modules. Every test is duplicated in the standard layout of the panel (coloured dots in the inset). Control spots are embedded in each panel to ensure proper test performance. This feature cannot be incorporated in traditional ELISA tests. Only 50 microlitres of a highly diluted patient sample is required for testing. The image of the coloured end points is captured using the PictImagerTM or PictImager+TM , followed by image analysis with Pictorial© which provides an easy to read printout of the results within two minutes of test completion. The standardised well format is not only usefull for smaller laboratories, but can also integrate into existing lab automation for high throughput testing in larger laboratories.

PictImagerTM and PictImager+TM

Capture and result the test images using PictImager

The PictImagerTM and PictImager+TM  is the accompanying imaging device purposely designed to image PictArrayTM slides.

Understanding PictImagerTM and PictImager+TM

Housed within the anodised black finish are a set of LEDs which have been optimised to provide consistent and uniform illumination. The door has been manufactured to precision to match the slide and a magnetic latch ensures a sealed lighting environment. The CMOS camera then captures the colour intensity of test spots on the slide and exports it into Pictorial© to process and generate the test results. It has a small footprint, similar to a standard 96-Tip Pipette Box and can be powered through a standard USB port on the PC.



Analyse processed slide using Pictorial

Pictorial© is the software used to analyse and report the Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative results obtained from the PictArrayTM slides.

Understanding Pictorial©

This easy to use software works in conjunction with the PictImagerTM and PictImager+TM  image capturing devices and provides automatically analysed results within 2 minutes. The software outputs data in industrial standard JSON format, which can be easily integrated with existing Laboratory Management Information Systems (LIMS). The software can be installed in a Windows OS and supports versions from Windows XP up to Windows 10.